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New Release:

Where do you hide when the world is searching for you?


Dr. Maeve Leander and Captain Chris Garrigan are trusting Tilda Watson to keep Alvie, the triplets and their expanding circle of fugitives safe.

Not that they have much choice.

With dangerous forces within the U.S. government chasing them down, their list of safe harbors is down to one: an island long thought to be only myth.

But this new hiding spot is not as secure as it seems. For a new threat has entered the field of battle, a threat not of this Earth.

And in this new existence, allegiances are as deadly and changeable as quicksand under their feet.

What Readers Are Saying About R.D. Brady’s Books:

"R.D Brady is a master of developing strong female characters that are the perfect blend of fragile humanity and kick ass hero." 

"Another excellent book by R.D. I started reading science fiction almost 60 years ago, with authors like Asimov and Heinlein. Her books are on par with the masters."

"The Belial series has been the greatest set of books I have ever read."

"I had a hard time reading through the tears, but can tell you I have absolutely loved this whole series."

"Amazing book...a page turner! A thrilling and possible scenario. Beautiful characters. Get ready for a thrilling action-packed, nail biting read."

“I was supposed to go to bed two hours ago but just HAD to finish it."

"This book grabbed me from the start and didn't let go! I was totally blindsided. Loved it!"